These 10 Random Acts Of Kindness Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity!

Kindness Matters

When you turn on the news, it's easy to start to feel like there are only bad things going on around the world. But that's simply not true. God is still very much at work! Here are a few examples of the kindness that exists out there.

1) A tourist noticed a man on the street unable to feed himself. And so, he stopped to help.


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2) This sweet hearted boy couldn't help but notice that some of the other kids in his class couldn't afford lunch. So, he decided to bring enough food to share with all who needed it.


Credit: Funi-Lists

3) Not everyone has the luxury of escaping the elements. And that's why an anonymous good samaritan leaves scarves to be taken by any who need them.


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4) This dry cleaning business is doing what it can to help the unemployed.


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5) This kind person is putting their spare change to pay it forward.


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6) While on vacation, this man encountered a local girl who didn't have any shoes. And so, he gave her his!


Credit: Slightly Warped

7) This American soldier gets an unexpected gesture of kindness when an Afghan man brings him a cup of tea.


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8) We've all forgotten to roll up our windows before. When it started to rain, a thoughtful stranger did this, leaving a note that said, "Didn't want your car to get we. Have a nice day!"


Credit: Acid Cow

9) After Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc, many were without power. And so, when this household's power was restored, they decided to share their good fortune with those still without electricity.


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10) One person turned their sad loss into a beautiful way to spread joy to other dogs.


Credit: The Meta Picture

These are just 10 examples, but trust me — there are many, many more out there. And guess what? YOU can add to the list yourself. So, make it your mission to do at least 3 nice things tomorrow!

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