10-Year-Old With Autism Belts Out Classic Song In The Middle Of Grocery Store

credit: youtube.com

Have you ever been shopping in a store and a song comes over the speakers and you just can't help but sing? Well, most people don't dare to stop everything and start singing. But luckily for us, there are incredibly talented people in this world like Calum Courtney who just have to sing.

Calum and his mom Tupney were shopping in supermarket Asda when Calum just had to sing to Smokey Robinson's ‘Who's Lovin' You'. Tupney decided to record her son singing for her husband who was at work. But when her sister got a hold of the video and put it on Facebook it quickly went viral. 10-year-old certainly has an incredible voice and it is impossible not to be wowed by such large talent coming from someone so small! But that isn't all that makes Calum special.

10-year-old With Autism Calum Sings In The Grocery Store

credit: youtube.com

This young man has a form of Autism that means he doesn't understand social boundaries the way most people do. Though that can make navigating day to day life a little difficult it also means that Calum can bravely share his talent with no worries at all. And man aren't we glad he did share his talent.

Calum's video has caught the attention of millions including a producer who offered Calum a very special record deal. It is so exciting to see this young man live his dream. And we will certainly be following him along the way to see where this new journey will take him. God bless this talent boy!

Watch this boy with autism calum sing right in the middle of a grocery store!

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