105-Year-Old Woman Gets Her Master’s Degree After 84 Years

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A 105-year-old woman gets her master's degree after waiting more than 80 years for it.

Regardless of whether someone is still in school or not or how many degrees they might hold, an education is never truly complete. There will always be more knowledge and information to learn and obtain. Someone who says otherwise or believes getting an education is useless is an individual to avoid at all costs.

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No matter the age or stage in life, we can all learn more. The old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks," while an incredibly popular adage, couldn't be more wrong. Pick up a book on a subject you know little or nothing about. You're almost guaranteed to come away with more knowledge than you had before you began reading on page one.

105-Year-Old Woman Gets Master’s Degree

Virginia Hislop understands the importance of education. That is why, after more than 80 years, she took part in Stanford University's graduation ceremonies and received her master's degree, according to a clip posted on YouTube.

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Virginia had originally started working on her master's degree in education at Stanford University in 1940. But WWII interrupted her educational plans. Her husband, George, was a second lieutenant in the Army, and his unit was called up, so Virginia and her husband moved to Oklahoma.

After moving, Virginia became a mother of two children but never returned to her degree. However, in Oklahoma and later in Washington, Virginia continued to work in the educational field, on different boards and committees.

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As the clip mentions, while Virginia may have forgotten about her studies at Stanford University, one family member did not – her son-in-law. He found out that because of the university's change in requirements, Virginia had achieved enough credits to qualify for a degree. And so, Virginia attended and walked in the school's recent graduation ceremony.

Everyone in attendance stood up and applauded the elderly graduate who waited more than 80 years to receive her master's degree.

Proverbs 1:7 "The fear of the Lord is the start of knowledge: but the foolish have no use for wisdom and knowledge."

WATCH: 105-Year-Old Gets Finally Gets Her Master’s Degree After 84 Years

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