12 Nuns Are Doing Zumba And You’ve Just Got To See It To Believe It

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A dozen nuns are lined up in a gymnasium, about to give a grand performance. These 12 nuns danced Zumba to the song "I Will Follow Him" and it was an adorable performance you would never expect!

The camera is rolling, and everyone is in their places. They are fully dressed in their tunics, cowls, white gloves and veils. The ladies start off with a liturgical style of dance to the song "I Will Follow Him" by Little Peggy March. Their movements are so elegant and powerful. As they dance in unison, you can tell that they are really into it.

With their heads high in the air, they wave their arms in the air at the same tempo of the song. It was so beautiful to watch them. And then suddenly, they lifted up the bottom of the tunic and ran in place to transition into their second part of their dance. And you would never expect what happened!

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The music sped up and the nun's liturgical dance turned into a full-on Zumba routine! Their dance moves were so fun and upbeat. They were bouncing around, clapping and shimmying all across the gym floor. And this song is the most perfect pick! They are dancing to the Little Peggy March hit ‘I Will Follow Him.’ And though the song was written about a male love interest, these ladies are dancing for God!

They were having a blast! Their video went viral because it was so shocking to see nuns do a Zumba dance. It was amazing to see how they can stay true to their faith all while having a little fun! Who else wanted to join in?

WATCH: 12 Nuns Danced To Zumba In A Viral Video

Credit: Rumble/Rumblestaff

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