16 Figure Skaters Perform An Amazing Synchronized Routine

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16 girls performed at the World Synchronized Championship and their figure skating performance was amazing. No wonder why they took home the winning trophy!

The 16 ladies took their places on the ice skating rink, beautifully dressed in sparkly red attire to represent their native Country's color. They looked unified with even their hair styled the same exact way. The crowd was already cheering them as they stood in position.

They look so elegant and confident as they wait for their song to start. The audience already knows that they are in for a phenomenal performance. And as soon as the song began, the 16 figure skaters began to sway their hips from side to side in unison, causing the tassels on their skirts to dance along with them.

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The song that they performed to was Tina Turner's 70's hit "Rolling on the River". Their routine started out nice and slow, and the skaters glided so elegantly across the ice together as a group. But as soon as the tempo picked up, the crowd went wild.

The ladies gave the most strong and captivating performance. They even incorporated Tina Turner's famous dance move into their choreography. It was so entertaining, and the girls looked as though they had the most amazing time dancing all across the ice rink.

WATCH: 16 Girls Performed Synchronized Choreography

Credit: Youtube/0316seisato

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