2 Brothers Bring The Bible To Life Using Photos From Social Media

Bringing The Word To Life

Have you ever found yourself wondering what stories from the bible might look like in today's world? Well, thanks to an ingenious idea by two brothers, you may not have to wonder much longer.

Chris and Andrew Breitenberg have created a smartphone app called Parallel Bible. This app allows users to upload their photos alongside bible verses. And now, these brothers are planning to take thousands of photos from across the globe that have been submitted through the app to create a physical book — a picture Bible of sorts — starting with the Gospel of Mark.

“We realize people learn through different media,” said Chris. “Those who aren’t book learners need a different kind of stimulus for reading the Bible. Hopefully, this book will bring it to life visually.”

The brothers first got the idea when Andrew was doing street art ministry in Cape Town, South Africa. He said,

I watched people in the townships living in poverty and quoting Bible verses. But rather than reading from a book, they would paint them in vivid colors on walls.”

This left a lasting impression on Andrew, and planted the seed for Parallel Bible. The brothers are using a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project, hoping to raise $60,000 — enough to print the first 1,000 copies of the book, which will hold 1,000 pages of bright, full color images alongside 678 verses from Mark. The brothers chose to start with Mark because it is short and also contains teachings that pair nicely with visuals.

Andrew and Chris are hoping their project will help bring the Bible into the hands of people that don't have it. But it is also God's way of answering a prayer the two brothers have had since they were kids. They both shared the same childhood dream of one day taking a big adventure together. They know now that this project is that adventure. And what better adventure then to spread the Word and serve our awesome God? They describe it beautifully on the Kickstarter page, saying,

"The Bible shows us what a life of faith looks like. It shapes who we are by inviting us into its world. And, in a way, the Bible holds our own stories. It partners with us by modeling our journeys of discovery and faith. We tell our stories to make sense of our experiences. We share them to find community for our joy and our pain. And we see them reflected in the pages of the Bible."

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h/t: Virginia Beach Beacon

Featured Image Credit: Parallel Bible Kickstarter