These 20 Animal Parents are Loving Their Babies. No. 19 Made Me Aaawww!

These touching photographs show just how much parents love their babies. Â These animal parents and their little ones are so beautiful!


1. They are up to their necks in love.




3. It takes a village.


4. Family hug… Awww!


5. Tickle tickle tickle time!


6. I hope that you have a good little hump day this week.






9. Hanging on mamas tail.


10. Peek-a-boo




12. Always stay beside mama, not behind her!




14. No one likes when their mom does this.


15. “Okay son, this is how you stand like a human”


16. All mommas know how to balance the babies.


17. Under mommy’s wings



19. Who knew that bears slept with bears too?!?!?


20. Now this is how you cuddle!

God bless these beautiful animal parents who love their little ones!

Psalm 91:4

Credit:Â Sunny SkyzÂ