Dental Assistant Feared She Was Getting Fired But Then Her Bosses Start Handing Her Cash

20 year anniversary at work

One woman celebrates her 20 year anniversary at work and receives a generous surprise from her employers — $20,000!

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Sophia Teel has worked for Orthodontists Mike Nelson and Ron Risinger of Beaumont, Texas for 20 years, and recently, they surprised her with $1,000 for each year she’s worked at the practice. The surprise was recorded on video and went viral after it was shared online.

The surprise left Sophia in complete shock. "I was thinking, ‘Good grief, I got a month left before 20 years. I know I’m not getting fired,'” she shared, explaining her hesitation as she entered the room before they started handing her the money.

Sophia has worked at Risinger & Nelson Orthodontic Specialists since she was an intern in May 2002. “This is the perfect position,” Sophia said. “Kids are getting braces on to love their smile, to get more confidence. Usually at the end, they’re very happy. So this is a fun job."

20-Year Anniversary At Work Brought Dental Assistant Sophia Teel $20k

Dr. Nelson and Dr. Risinger appreciate Sophia so much and wanted to do something special for her for her 20 year work anniversary. They shared that Sophia is a huge part of why their clients feel comfortable when they come into the office.

"Sophia is a great example of someone who just brings joy and happiness to the office every day,” said Dr. Nelson.

“Sophia is not only an employee, but she’s a family friend and a very valuable person to have around you,” Dr. Risinger shared. "She saw this small little operation grow to the size it is now and she’s one of the reasons we’re successful.”

What a wonderful way to celebrate 20 years at a job!

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"I am grateful–I was humbled that day–but I am grateful and it’s an awesome feeling to be appreciated in such a manner and the whole world knows that you're appreciated,” said Sophia. “That was awesome.”

WATCH: Dentists Surprise Employee On Her 20 Year Anniversary At Work

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