Enormous 26-lb Shelter Cat Mr. B Went Viral & This ‘Chonk’ Broke The Internet Looking For A Home

26-lb shelter cat mr big beehay chonk

An enormous 26-lb shelter cat named Beejay, or Mr. B for short, needed a home. But Morris Animal Refuge of Philadelphia certainly wasn’t expecting the tidal wave of responses they got. In this heartwarming short story, the “chonk of a chonk” kitty practically broke the Internet!

When a family in Pennsylvania could no longer care for their large feline friend, Beejay, they took him to Morris Animal Refuge. The kind folks there wasted no time in trying to find the 26-lb shelter cat a home.

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Shelter worker Lacy Curtis hefted the “big-boned” lovebug into her arms and made a plea for “big boi Mr. B” on social media. It’s become a popular way for animal shelters to drum up adoption interest. But surely no one at Morris Animal Refuge expected the response they got!

The 26-lb Shelter Cat Who Broke The Internet

In no time, this “chonk of a chonk” was an Internet star. Whether it was his sad eyes, large size, or beautiful markings — the photos of this “jumbo-sized package of fluff & love” went crazy viral!

In fact, so many people flooded Mr. B’s adoption page, it crashed the Morris Animal Refuge website!

The shelter has described Mr. B as a big cat with a big heart.

"What we've seen of his personality so far, he seems very quiet and laid back and sweet," the shelter social media coordinator Dan Solomon said.

Before Mr. B can go home with anyone, the 26-lb shelter cat will need a few more check-ups from doctors. And of course, the shelter will probably need time to go through the thousands upon thousands of adoption requests they’ve received!

Internet Sensation Inspires Hope For Other Animals

In addition to brightening everyone’s day, Beejay’s uplifting story has also brought in donations and interest for the other animals at the Morris Animal Refuge.

Good Samaritans who were drawn to the post about the 26-lb shelter cat also started sharing links to other available animals. Those that had been at the shelter without a home much longer than Mr. B.

Only one person can take Mr. B home. But we pray loads of other worthy pets find their forever homes, too, thanks to all the attention from the cat who broke the internet!

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And if the photos of the 26-lb shelter cat weren’t enough to bring a smile to your face, check out some of the hilarious comments from the chonk’s post!

Funny Responses Online To Enormous Cat


h/t: Huffington Post

Featured Image: Twitter/Morris Animal Refuge