Couple Trusts In God As They Take In 5 Sisters Following The Tragic Loss Of Their Mother

5 sisters lose mom to covid

When 5 sisters unexpectedly lost their mother, God gave a “new mission” to their aunt and uncle. And they are putting all of their trust in Him as they set out to raise these orphaned children.

Jasmine Jacobo Trujillo’s family describes her as an extraordinary woman. And it left everyone stunned when the young, single mother died from COVID-19.

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"We never expected this. My sister's 33 years old," Fidencio Jacobo said.

Jasmine’s untimely death would have been tragic no matter what. But she leaves behind 5 daughters, making it even more devastating.

Tragic Loss For 5 Sisters

The sudden loss of their mom rocked the 5 sisters. They didn’t even get to tell their mother goodbye. And their anguish tears at their aunt and uncle, Crystal and Fidencio Jacobo.

"Hearing their cries was the worst thing,” Fidencio recalls. “Those screams still haunt me. Every time I think about it, I hear those cries, and it breaks my heart. Nobody should have to experience that."

The couple lives modestly with their 4-year-old child in a three-bedroom home in Moreno Valley, California. But knowing the 5 sisters faced going into foster care, they put their faith in God and took in their nieces.

"It was hard, but it was something that had to be done. They're family, so it didn't matter. My family went from three to eight," Crystal Jacobo said.

And now, the couple grieves their loss while stepping into the new mission God gave them.

"I put all my trust in God,” Fidencio says. “He's been with us, he's blessed us and he's seen us through so much. But we know we have a new mission. We have a new purpose."

Prayers For A Devastated Family

The 5 sisters range in age from 6 to 15 and are grateful their aunt and uncle took them in during this difficult time. But of course, their hearts ache for the mother they’ve lost. So, the sweet children pray each night, sending messages for their mom to Heaven.

"I tell my mom I love her,” says Jazlynn Trujillo. “I tell her that ‘at least you're not hurting no more’. Because it hurts me that when she was hurting, she couldn't tell me that she loved me. But she blowed [sic] me a kiss while that mask was on her.”

"I just miss my mom and wish she could be here with us," Esmerelda Trujillo says. "I pray up to God and her to just keep my other family safe and do not let them pass."

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Going from a family of 3 to a family of 8 is no easy task. But Crystal and Fidencio Jacobo know God will provide for them. Already, the community has helped raise nearly $40,000 for them. And while these 5 sisters must now learn to live without their mom, they are at least with family members who know and love them.

"Through the storm, there is a rainbow,” Crystal says. “Even though Mom's not here, they have a lot of family that love them and will always be there for them. If we can make an impact on their life, then I think that our mission will be accomplished.”

We know God will walk alongside these 5 sisters. And we pray they will feel and know His comfort!

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“A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling.” Psalm 68:5

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