Couple Celebrates Their 57th Anniversary In The Hospital

Anniversary Milestones

Special celebrations come around too seldom to miss out. So when this husband was told his wife of 57 years would be stuck in her hospital bed for their wedding anniversary, well, just look at what he did! Aww…so sweet!

For the last 30 days, Jim Russell’s wife Elinor has been in the hospital but he wasn’t about to let that stop them from celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary TOGETHER!

So, Jim got all “spiffied” up and surprised his bride with flowers and a box of chocolates, as he strolled into her room.

He had a tux in his closet because the couple has enjoyed ballroom dancing for years. And this was a perfect time to pull it out and surprise his bride.

The couple dined in her room and watched some of their favorite TV shows together – Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

Per Elinor, “being in a hospital bed, you get bored so when they came in, it made me smile like the younger days when we were dancing.”

Way to go, Jim! Clearly it’s moments like THIS that have contributed to your successful marriage of 57 years. Congratulations!! 🙂

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Featured Image Credit: Getty Images