6 Christmas Songs for When You’re Feeling Lonely

6 Christmas Songs for Lonely

It's Christmastime – If radio or television have anything to do with it, everyone is supposed to feel "merry and bright." For those who are alone at the holidays, it may not be as full of cheer. Christmas songs and movies can amplify our emotions, especially when we are feeling lonely. Take the opportunity to use your time to bless others and you might find those lonely blues drifting away. Until then, here are some of our favorite Christmas songs for when you're feeling lonely!

1. Where Are You Christmas? (Pentatonix)

For those who have experienced a change at Christmas– a move, a job loss, a breakup– this song's for you. This sweet song expressing the emotional ups and downs that may come with life was made popular when sung by adorable Cindy Lou Who in "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" (2000).

"Where are you Christmas

Why can’t I find you

Why have you gone away

Where is the laughter

You used to bring me

Why can’t I hear music play

My world is changing

I’m rearranging

Does that mean Christmas changes too"

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2. The Christmas Blues (Dean Martin)

In true crooner style, Dean Martin woefully sings "Christmas Blues" about the true feelings at Christmas when we are all alone. The excitement of shopping and planning gifts for friends and family is often something that many of us do with another person. If you're facing a void on your Christmas list, remember there is always someone you could bless this holiday season, consider donating your time Christmas Friends, Angel Tree, or even snag a gift your regular cashier at the grocery store!

"I’ve done my window shopping

There’s not a store I’ve missed

But what’s the use of stopping

When there’s no one on your list

You’ll know the way I’m feeling

When you love and you lose

I guess I’ve got the Christmas blues"


3. In The Bleak Midwinter (Choir of King’s College, Cambridge)

This popular classic Christmas song was written in 1906 by Gustav Holst. The haunting lyrics perfectly describe the cold and dreary feeling that often comes with a long Winter. Telling the birth of the Christ-child in such an emotional way, it truly is a beautiful carol.

"What can I give Him,

Poor as I am?

If I were a Shepherd

I would bring a lamb;

If I were a Wise Man

I would do my part,

Yet what I can I give Him,

Give my heart."


4. Blue Christmas (Elvis Presley)

For those who are missing their special someone, Blue Christmas is the perfect "ugly cry" song! No one makes lonely feel so good! Elvis Presley had a way to croon the saddest tune and still make us smile.

"I’ll have a Blue Christmas without you

I’ll be so blue just thinking about you

Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree

Won’t be the same dear, if you’re not here with me"


5. Winter Song (The Hound + The Fox)

Through delicate lyrics (written by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson) “Winter Song" is a beautiful portrait of the slumber of Winter and promise of Spring. While not exactly a holiday tune, with mentions of December in the later verses it is eerily reminiscent to how we feel this time of year. It can be a little dark and gloomy, even lonely, but there is an excitement in the air thinking of the new life that is about to start in the future!

"My voice; a beacon in the night.

My words will be your light,

To carry you to me.

Is love alive?

Is love alive?

Is love

They say that things just cannot grow

Beneath the winter snow,

Or so I have been told."


6. I'll Be Home For Christmas (Michael Buble)

Made popular by Bing Crosby, modern-day crooner Michael Buble has put his own spin on the song and it's become a Christmas radio staple. The song paints such a lovely picture of all our favorite Christmas moments: snow, mistletoe, presents by the tree. But all those things are far-off memories for those spending Christmas away from their loved ones.

"I’ll be home for Christmas

You can plan on me

Please have snow and mistletoe

And presents on the tree

Christmas Eve will find me

Where the lovelight gleams

I’ll be home for Christmas

If only in my dreams"

Whatever your situation this Christmas season, we hope that you will find joy in the small things. Not everyone has large families or Hallmark-styled Christmas parties to attend, even so, take time to enjoy the sparkle of Christmas lights or attend a church Nativity pageant. There are so many that are in need, Christmas is a perfect time to join in the giving at various charities. It's not the size of the gift, but the heart behind it. Give of your time, give of yourself. Seek out ways to bless others and in return feel the warmth of the Truth of Christmas– the Savior is born and through Him we have unending Hope!

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