7-Year-Old Hands Out Lucky Pennies To Keep Police Officers Safe

7-year-old Kameryn Chebetar really wants to be a police officer when he grows up. He has so much respect and empathy for police officers that he decided he wanted to do something really special for them. So Kameryn started handing out ‘lucky pennies' to police officers.

Each penny has a note attached which reads,

"Many times in life you just need a little luck.

If the path you're on is bumpy, or you're simply feeling stuck.

When you're up against a challenge, or have something big to face

this lucky little penny may be your saving grace.

Pennies for Police 2018

from Kameryn Chebetar"

Kameryn is warming hearts with his “Pennies for Police” crusade. “Every year we try to do something to give back and this year it was his turn to kind of make a choice and he said he wanted to do something for police,” said Kameryn’s mom. The 7-year-old is handing out lucky pennies, along with a poem, to officers across the country. To show their gratitude, officers gifted Kameryn with a coin and a badge.

When asked why Kameryn is giving the police officers pennies, the little boy responded, "For luck. So they can get home safely."

This one kind gesture is really helping lift the spirits of the officers who received them! "There is so much bad negativity. This sheds a little positivity on us and it makes us feel really good," one officer shared.

7-Year-Old Hands Out Lucky Pennies To Keep Police Officers Safe

credit: youtube.com

Kameryn's mom explained that every year she encourages him to try to do something to give back to the community and that this year, Kameryn wanted to do something for the police.

How wonderful is it that this sweet boy already understands the importance of giving back and treating others well!

h/t: Godtube.com

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