Student Challenges His Teacher To A Dance Battle And Instantly Gets Schooled

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High school teacher, Yolanda Turner, rocks her students' world after busting out impressive dance moves in a dance battle with a student.

A student at Sumner High School in Hillsborough County, Florida, challenged Yolanda Turner, a long-time teacher, to a dance battle. It was the last week before winter break, and the students were buzzing with excited energy.

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Yolanda said, "[The students] were like, ‘Can we have a dance battle? Can we have a dance battle?'"

The students had been working hard on exams all week, so Yolanda decided to indulge their request. The cafeteria started playing "Lose Control" by Missy Elliot, which happened to be a beloved song of Yolanda's.

"That song, Lose Control, is like one of my favorite songs. It definitely gets everybody off their feet. So when it came on, I was just so hype, and the crowd was hyping me up," said Yolanda in an interview after the video had gone viral.

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The student challenged Yolanda and began dancing in the center of the big ring of students. After he finished dancing, Yolanda showed off her moves, and the cafeteria exploded into cheers. No one expected their teacher to dance so well!

WATCH: Student Challenges His Teacher To A Dance Battle

While talking about the dance battle, Yolanda said, "I was watching the young man, and I'm like, oh god, don't make me have to get on these knees, don't make me have to use these knees."

Yolanda has been a teacher at Sumner High School for around 23 years. Although she may have seemed old to her students, not anymore! The dance battle unveiled a young and lively woman that had some secret dancing talents.

People have been praising Yolanda on social media, thanking her for caring so much about the students.

"What a blessing to see how teachers can inspire and motivate students in different ways! What a great Christmas present for them to receive before break," wrote Cindy Snapp on Twitter.

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With teachers like Yolanda, we can all be sure that every day will be special for students everywhere.

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