A Pooch With His Very Own Seeing Eye Dog

Getting By With Some Help From A Friend

Now here is an unlikely pair that will just melt your heart! How the pair came to be exactly is anybody's guess. But God obviously brought them together for a reason!


Buzz on the left, Glenn on the right. Credit: Ross Parry

Glenn, the white Jack Russell, is completely blind. But thankfully, he has his buddy, Buzz, the Staffordshire bull terrier, to help him out!

The precious duo was discovered together in a sea tunnel and brought to a rescue center, where they are now in the process of rehoming the pups.

At the center, Glenn relies heavily on assistance from his pal, Buzz. Buzz nudges Glenn to direct him around the kennel. He also helps him to find his bed and food.

The two share a very special bond and we thank God that they found each other. According to the center that is caring for the dogs, these pals are inseparable. In fact, both dogs become very upset when apart. And for that reason, the center plans to find someone who is willing to adopt both dogs together.

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h/t: BuzzFeed