A Prayer against Anti-Semitism – Your Daily Prayer – October 14

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A Prayer against Anti-Semitism
By Skylar Cochran

“Dear friends, as God loved us, let us love one another. Although no one has seen God, when we love one another, God’s presence is manifest, and His love becomes complete in us” (1 John 4:11-13, NIV). 

In recent times, we have witnessed ongoing turmoil and conflict in the Middle East, particularly in Israel, which has left many of us feeling bewildered and sorrowful. The situation in Israel is not just a matter of geopolitical dispute but also deeply intertwined with the age-old issue of anti-Semitism. In this devotional, we will explore why it is essential to understand anti-Semitism from a biblical perspective and the importance of prayer in these trying times. 

The Holy Land, Israel, has been a focal point of attention for centuries. It is a place of historical and spiritual significance to many, particularly for Christians who value the roots of their faith in the events that transpired there. However, the region has also seen its share of conflict and strife, most recently involving Israel and neighboring territories. Understanding this complex situation requires a grasp of its historical, political, and social dynamics. 

To understand the situation fully, we must delve into the biblical perspective on anti-Semitism. The Bible teaches us about God’s chosen people, the Jews, and the unbreakable covenant He made with them. In Genesis 12:3, God promised to bless those who bless the descendants of Abraham and to curse those who curse them. This divine covenant endures to this day. 

In times of crisis and conflict, prayer is a source of strength and solace. The situation in Israel is not just a geopolitical issue; it is deeply rooted in the age-old problem of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism, hatred, and persecution of the Jewish people are in direct opposition to God’s Word and His promise to bless and protect them.

Let's pray: 

Dear God, we implore your protection for the Jewish people, Your chosen ones, who are currently facing unspeakable atrocities. Our hearts grieve with them as they mourn the loss of family, friends, children, and coworkers solely due to their ethnicity and faith. Grant, O Father, the smallest glimmer of hope to those who pray amidst this ongoing conflict. Help us see that the actions of groups like Hamas are driven not by political reform, geopolitical concerns, or the defense of Gaza but by a cruel mission to annihilate the Jewish people. 

We pray for unity among Israel and its allies to safeguard the innocent. Grant people the clarity to discern the true intentions of Hamas and other destructive forces. We may not fully comprehend the reasons for these horrific events, not only in the Middle East but also around the world. Grant us the strength to renew our hope during these dark times and guide us in supporting our Jewish friends and neighbors through prayer, donations, and acts of love. 

May those who harbor anti-Semitic sentiments be convicted by Your Spirit. We pray for justice but also for their hearts to be deeply transformed. Lord, we await Your swift return, and in the meantime, we ask for the fortitude to stand up for the Jewish people, using the verses from John to denounce anti-Semitism as wrong and evil, evident in the actions of groups like Hamas. 

We pray for peace, relief, and for Christians to take a stand. Prepare us and help us be ready. Provide the necessary resources and protection to innocent families, soldiers, and travelers in Israel. Reunite hostages with their families, deliver justice, and ease their suffering. 

May Your love and mercy shine through in this time of anti-Semitic violence, war, and evil. Even in the face of confusion and heartbreak, help us find faith in Your greater plan, knowing that Your word is true and unerring. You are in control, and Your judgment will prevail. As we offer our hearts to You, Lord, use us to bring aid and relief to these suffering people. We trust in You, Lord, and we pray this in Your holy name, Amen. 

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