Actors’ Reunion of ‘Little House On The Prairie’ Is a Time of Reflection for This Beloved Show

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Actors’ reunion of ‘Little House On The Prairie’ is a time to reflect on memories and the impact of this beloved TV series.

Every year, Hollywood comes out with a ton of new television shows. Now, because of the popularity of streaming platforms, there are more new programs than ever. However, only some television programs succeed with the critics, audiences or both. Most television programs are long forgotten, confined to dusty store shelves, never to be heard or thought of ever again.

However, some, a select few, connect with audiences and live on long after their run on television ends. The Brady Bunch, Three's Company, The Carol Burnett Show and Gilligan's Island are some of those beloved shows belonging to that elite category.

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Another program that belongs with those shows mentioned above is Little House on The Prairie. While it only ran for nine years, from the mid-70s to the early 80s, the show is a classic that generations have loved. You'll likely flip a few channels and find a Little House on The Prairie episode at any time.

Actors’ Reunion Sparks Fond Memories

In a clip posted on YouTube, Melissa Gilbert, Karen Grassle and Alison Arnigrim talked about Little House on The Prairie, their memories while making the program and what the show has come to mean to them.

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Karen explained why she thinks the show remains popular and continues to connect with audiences more than 40 years after the program ended.

"People are finding values, comfort and message that they long for," she said. " And I think, you know, it's just simple human decency."

The women also reflected on working with the late Michael Landon during the interview. Melissa stated that he didn't treat her as a child but as an equal, as an actor.

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Melissa, Karen and Alison's reunification and interview came as they celebrated the program's 50th anniversary.

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