8th Grader Forms Special Bond with 84-Year-Old, All Thanks to an Acts of Kindness Challenge

kindness challenge creates unlikely friendship

A project – an acts of kindness challenge – from a school district in Kentucky ended in an unlikely but beautiful friendship between a young man and a woman in her 80s.

The world can be a dark, dangerous and evil place. Websites and television news broadcasts are littered with stories about murder and death. It may seem, at times, that everyone is out for themselves, not stopping to give a second thought to those around them. Love and kindness often seem to be in short supply.

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Bullitt County Schools in Kentucky tried to add more kindness to society with their "Kindness Week Challenge." Through this philanthropic initiative, five years ago, Brennan Gould, as an 8th grader, met 84-year-old Ms. Ann, according to Sunny Skyz.

During the challenge, Brennan would stop every day for a week at Ms. Ann's residence. In addition to visiting with her, Brennan would give her a treat of some kind, according to WHAS11. However, Brennan did not stop when that week ended.

Instead, Brennan and Ms. Ann have carried on their friendship. The young man continues to visit her regularly and still brings her treats and other goodies from time to time. This has gone on for more than five years since the challenge stopped.

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The two unlikely pals discuss anything and everything. Brennan talks about what he's dealing with in high school. He also tells Ms. Ann about what he hopes to accomplish in college. Ms. Ann, on the other hand, shares stories from her life with the youngster.

Brennan and Ms. Ann are Friends for Life

The young man and Ms. Ann have become so close that Brennan considers her a part of his family, referring to her as a second or adopted grandmother.

Brennan isn't the only one who appreciates the bond between him and Ms. Ann. The boy’s mother is extremely proud of her son’s kindness.

“The best thing a teenager can do is befriend someone elderly,” said Traci, Brennan’s mom. “I’m so glad our son has added more sunshine to her life. I hope he always remembers the joy he’s brought her, and his fun talks with her, keeps his kind heart, and thinks of others.

The elderly woman's family is also grateful for Brennan's kindness and friendship because there are times when they are unable to be with her, WHAS 11 reports.

What a beautiful story that shows how much of an impact a little bit of kindness can have on the lives of everyone involved. Brennan and Ms. Ann are friends for life!

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"So then, as we have the chance, let us do good to all men, and especially to those who are of the family of the faith."Galatians 6:10

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