After Freak Rug Burn Accident, Mother Of 3 Loses Limbs

rug burn accident

What started as a rug burn from a fall, turned into something that no one could have ever imagined. Now, one mother is counting her blessings after taking her first steps nearly 5 years after that freak rug burn accident.

June 6, 2015 started as a normal day for Alecia Kennen at her home in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. But when she tripped over her dog, everything changed. “I tripped over my feet and went down to the ground and that’s where I got the rug burn on my shoulder that started the nightmare."

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Alecia brushed off the accident, but a few days later she noticed a bad pain in her arm. Doctors were not able to find a cause but the pain continued to worsen.

Finally, when her heart rate and blood pressure were affected, Alecia was airlifted to a new hospital. That's where doctors discovered that this mother had contracted streptococcal toxic shock syndrome or TSS.

Woman Has To Have Parts Of Feet Amputated Because Of Rug Burn Accident

All three of Alecia's sons had contracted strep throat, which gave the doctors the clue that they needed for diagnosis. By this time, Alecia's hands and feet had turned blue. Eventually, she needed to have her fingertips, toes, and part of her feet amputated.

Alecia's recovery has taken years, but she's finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Recently, she was fitted for a prosthetic leg and given the chance to walk again. It's truly an emotional moment all captured on camera.

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Later, Alecia's sons even get the opportunity to express their heartfelt feelings towards their mother. We will continue to pray for this family as they head down the road of recovery.

WATCH: Mom Walks For 1st Time After Losing Limbs Following Rug Burn

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