Choir Gave Passengers A Free Concert While On Their Flight

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Passengers were in for some airplane entertainment. And everyone on the plane loved it!

How fun would it be to have entertainment while you are flying in the air? These passengers were in for a treat when this choir booked their flight. I would have loved to be on that flight!

The Young Whitefield choir was traveling to Saint-Louis, France for the next stop of their tour. They were on the airplane when they were asked to sing. The choir members were so excited to give the passengers what they wanted. Everyone clapped and cheered when the choir agreed to sing for everyone.

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They decided on a song and then put on a show in the air. Everyone took out their cell phones to record the choir. They were so amazing. It is so neat at how their voices stayed consistent even while singing at such high altitudes. If they were able to sing that well in the thinner air, imagine how great they probably sound on land in concert.

When they were finished they got a round of applause. They were so glad everyone enjoyed it. The choir members had huge smiles on their faces. You can tell that they really enjoy singing and entertaining people.

WATCH: Passengers Enjoying Airplane Entertainment

Credit: Youtube/Caters Clips

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