What Do Americans Pray For? The Answer May Surprise You!

This stunning survey shows what people who pray are REALLY praying for!


Americans Pray

Of the people who say they pray, 83% of them believe that their prayers will be answered. So what are Americans praying for? Are they worshipping God’s greatness? Not so much.

21% have prayed they will win the lottery, while only 12% pray for our political leaders. 15% have prayed that no one would find out a bad thing they had done, 5% prayed for someone to get fired, and 7% have prayed to find a good parking spot.


The top 5 items Americans pray for include:

  1. Friends and family
  2. My own problems and difficulties
  3. The good things that have recently occurred
  4. My own sin
  5. People in natural disasters


More than a third of Americans who pray say that they have prayed for their enemies and four out of 10 have prayed for those who have wronged them, which the New Testament instructs us to do. Only one in five people pray for people of other religions.

And while the majority of people believe in the power of prayer, less than half of Americans say they pray at least every day. Two-thirds say they pray at least once a month, and a third say they pray several times a day.

Max Lucado, author of Before Amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer, who partnered with LifeWay Research on the prayer survey, says the survey shows that prayer still has widespread appeal in American life.

“Prayer is not a privilege just for the pious or an opportunity for a chosen few,” he said. “Prayer is God’s open invitation to talk: simply, openly and powerfully.”

Credit: LifeWay ResearchÂ