Wildfire Survivor Gets New Legs For Her Birthday

Ellen Surprises 9-Year-Old Double Amputee Lilly Biagini After Wildfire

9-year-old amputee Lilly Biagini was just 6 years old when both of her legs were removed. Today, Lilly uses a wheelchair and prosthetic legs to move around. But when the wildfires in Northern California, Lilly, and her mom were forced from their home in the middle of the night. In their rush to leave, they left Lilly’s wheelchair and legs and all of her birthday presents.

When Lilly’s mom realized what had happened, she tried to turn around but it was too dangerous to return home. Now, this brave family is telling their story to Ellen and she’s got a big surprise in store. It’s so amazing to see what a little bit of kindness can do to brighten someone’s day. Let’s continue to pray for all of the families that have been affected by these terrible fires.

Source: TheEllenShow