Making of Andrea Bocelli and Son Matteo ‘Fall On Me’

This father and son duo continue to garner attention as they share their vocal talents with the world. Andrea Bocelli and son, Matteo now give us a special look into their famous duet with the ‘Fall On Me’ behind the scenes.

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Andrea Bocelli's newest album release "Sí", has quickly risen to the top of the "must haves" for the music lover. But Andrea's star-studded collaborations on the album (Josh Groban, Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa) aren't what's garnering the most attention.

Instead, fans are completely smitten with Bocelli's son, Matteo who appears to be the image of a young Andrea. With striking good looks and friendly charm, Matteo has quickly gained his own following of fans who adore his voice!

Making of Andrea Bocelli and Son Matteo 'Fall On Me'


"Fall On Me" reflects a parent's love for their child so perfectly. You’ll find the song featured in the end credits of Disney's "The Nutcracker and The Four Realms" which just hit theatres. This tune suits Andrea and Matteo beautifully. Their voices naturally blend. And together, the father and son create such tight harmonies, intensifying the bond you feel while watching them perform.

The ‘Fall On Me’ behind the scenes video offers a touching glimpse at how Andrea and Matteo connect when not performing. It's a family event as the father-and-son pair get dressed for the "Fall On Me" video. There to help is Andrea's wife, Veronica.

Matteo practicing at the piano in this behind the scenes gives a peek into the passion that drives the Bocelli's talent. More importantly are the gentle gestures and the genuine smiles when the other is singing. The light hand on the shoulder, or a lean against one another… It's so encouraging to see these two caring for one another and enjoying their moment as a father and son duo!

Watch the original ‘Fall On Me’ music video HERE


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