Andrea Bocelli and Wife Veronica Perform Romantic Duet ‘Qualche Stupido’

Andrea Bocelli and wife Veronica joined together during one of his concerts to sing a well-known love song "Qualche Stupido". With his first album release in 14 years titled "Si", Bocelli has once again captured the hearts of listeners. We love seeing him enjoying his gift with his family, like in his recent hit, "Fall On Me," sung with Andrea’s son, Matteo.

"When we were in the studio making this album... we wanted somebody to demo it. Andrea said ‘My beautiful love Veronica she sings'…we loved it so much that we begged her to do it with Andrea tonight." shared producer and pianist, David Foster.

Andrea Bocelli and Wife Veronica Perform Romantic Duet 'Qualche Stupido'


Sitting at an intimate café table for two in the audience, Andrea and Veronica performed the sweet love song. Holding hands as they sang, it was so touching to see how much they loved each other and were enjoying this moment performing together! While the song is truly stunning sung in Italian, the lyrics may be more recognizable in English:

"I know I stand in line, until you think you have the time
To spend an evening with me
And if we go someplace to dance, I know that there’s a chance
You won’t be leaving with me
And afterwards we drop into a quiet little place
And have a drink or two
And then I go and spoil it all, by saying something stupid
Like I love you"

About his marriage, Andrea told The Guardian "A successful relationship between two people is an art. There is a natural foundation to it. It is chemistry at play. There has to be a fatal attraction or boredom takes over, but the art lies in preserving this chemical fatal attraction and keeping it alive"


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