Angel Flying Over Church Congregation Caught On Security Camera

angel flying over church congration

Security cameras at the church Vineyard Anaheim in Anaheim, California, caught an angel flying over the congregation. And it’s such an incredible sight!

Bill Herman, the church's security director commented the following:

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“I was monitoring the video feed on the night of the service where this wonderful phenomenon happened. I’m a retired law enforcement person of 37 years, and I’m a grounded realist but a staunch believer in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

“When I saw the angel swoop across my screen, I replayed it numerous times to find a rational explanation. I also checked other video cameras to see if a car passed by our church glass doors to determine that it was a reflection of headlights, and no car passed by. After eliminating all possibilities that I could think of, I asked others around me to give me their thoughts.”

“Overall, the many who reviewed it felt it was a real manifestation and for what reasons to manifest itself in this way at this time, well only God knows to be perfectly honest.”

Caught On Camera

As the worshippers stood in the congregation, some with arms spread for God's embrace, the band stood on stage delivering their own form of worship. That is when the strange phenomenon occurred.


Very quickly, an image that appears to be an angel flying zooms through the camera feed above the congregation. The poor quality of the video makes distinguishing color and shape difficult, but the image's outline does resemble a little body with wings.

Could this be an angel sighting?

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The video is definitely fascinating to watch! Sometimes we see things and don't have rational explanations. But faith isn't about having all the answers. Sometimes it's OK to not know and just remain in awe of the wonders of our God and the mysteries in His kingdom!

WATCH: Footage Of Angel Flying Over Church Congregation

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h/t: Godtube