‘Angel’ Trucker Shows Up with a Hot Meal for Motorist Trapped on Interstate in Epic Snowstorm

a hot meal

Jean-Carlo Gachet caught national attention for sharing a hot meal with a motorist trapped on I-95 during a winter storm. And this kind-hearted trucker is reminding us that angels are all around us!

Living the life of a long-haul truck driver must be lonely at times. Sure, there are interesting people to meet along the cross-country journeys. And, social media and technology provide a multitude of ways in which to stay in touch with others. But, still, there are a lot of hours spent alone in the "rig."

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All that solitude might cause some to become a little indifferent to the world and folks beyond their fiberglass and steel home. That's not the case with Jean-Carlo, who recently found himself, along with hundreds of other drivers, stranded on Virginia's I-95 amidst an epic snowstorm!

A Hot Meal Becomes Beautiful Act Of Kindness

When fast-falling snow caused multiple car accidents and jackknifed tractor-trailers on the heavily traveled 40-mile stretch of highway, traffic came to a complete standstill. For more than 27 hours, commuters and travelers of all ages and types were trapped in freezing conditions, often without food or proper provisions, and trying to conserve gas and energy, in various forms.

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Jean-Carlo explains that truckers have plenty of resources at their disposal. S he was happy to share a warm meal with someone who wasn't in such good shape during the ordeal.

Jean-Carlo left his warm ride to offer breakfast to the driver in the car in front of him. A Jimmy Dean bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast bowl probably seemed like steak and lobster for the motorist blessed by Jean-Carlo! And, it looks like there might have been a hot drink as well!

Angel-on-earth Jean-Carlo seems to feel blessed as well-by the resources his line of work affords, but also by the opportunity to help another person. "Just knowing that I could step out and lend someone a hand like that meant a lot to me," said Jean-Carlo.

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Thank goodness for those unlikely angels that God places among us!

"Do not say to your neighbor, "Come back tomorrow and I'll give it to you"- when you already have it with you." Proverbs 3:28

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