Amazing Hymn Mash-Up Cover Performed By Anthem Lights

godupdates amazing anthem lights cover

Do you just love a good song cover? I sure do, especially one by Anthem Lights.

I absolutely love Anthem Lights! They are a pop group that consists of 4 members. Their voices are remarkable.

They create the most amazing mash-up covers and their work is all over the internet. I love how they take classic songs and create a new version of the song to make it their own. And this time they performed a beautiful medley that is going to be featured on their new album of hymns.

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They combined three beautiful hymns for this mash-up. They started with the hymn that we sing all the time in church "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus". One of the singers started the song, then another singer harmonized with him in the next few lines.

The next song they smoothly transitioned into was "I Surrender All". The way that they sang it was so beautiful! I just loved it. It was so creative. They timed the songs just right.

The final song to join the mash-up was "I Have Decided To Follow Jesus". I remember this song from my childhood! I really enjoyed hearing it sung this way. To end the mash-up, they flowed right back into "I Surrender All" and then they sang the last line of "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus".

WATCH: Amazing Anthem Lights Cover

Credit: Youtube/Anthem Lights

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