Teen Jumps into Action and Saves Mom’s Life by Applying a Tourniquet He Made from a Shoelace

applied a tourniquet

One teen jumped into action and applied a tourniquet to his mom's arm after she cut herself after a fall. And his quick thinking saved her life!

Kristen Larrobino and her 16-year-old son, Cyrus, were leaving their home in Maine one morning when Kristen slipped on some ice. The fall caused the coffee cup in her hand to break, and her wrist was cut in the process.

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“When I looked down at my hand, I immediately told him to call 911,” Kristen shared. “There wasn’t a moment that I thought we could drive to the hospital. I knew we needed an ambulance.”

Cyrus quickly called 911 to get help for his mom. “I was in fight or flight mode,” he said.

Kristen applied pressure to her wound with her sweatshirt while the 911 dispatcher told Cyrus to look for things to create a makeshift tourniquet. First, he used a string that he found, but it ended up breaking. That's when he reached for his shoelaces.

“I’m there on my knees looking for anything to use and I rip off the laces on my new shoes,” Cyrus explained. “I didn’t take a second to untie them or anything.”

Teen Applied A Tourniquet Using Shoelace To Save His Mom

Cyrus ended up making a knot with the shoelaces on his mom's arm, and he used a small piece of plywood that he found on the side of the house to begin making the tourniquet.

“Between the fight or flight mode and the adrenaline, I just kept thinking ‘Don’t stop, don’t think about it,'” Cyrus shared. “The whole time we were trying to keep each other calm,” Kristen added.

“It was one of the most painful things I’ve ever felt, and I’ve broken bones and had children,” said Kristen.

The ambulance arrived shortly after and rushed Kristen to the hospital. She ended up suffering from severed arteries and nerves on her wrist and arm and needed two surgeries. The stitches from the procedure are out now, and she has a long road to recovery with therapy.

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Thankfully Cyrus was there to help save his mom after her accident and before the hospital staff could take care of her! Kristen is especially grateful to have had her son by her side on that scary day.

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