Reunion Between 81 Years Old High School Sweethearts At Washington’s Dulles Airport

Jack and Betty sittin’ in a tree…

Independent filmmaker, Danielle Lurie, was flying across the country when she met 81-year-old war veteran named Jack. Jack was on his way to reunite with Betty, his high school sweetheart whom he hasn't seen in 62 years. Luckily, Danielle had her camera with her and was able to record the reunion between these old sweethearts at Washington's Dulles Airport. Their reaction to seeing each other after all these years is priceless. Never give up on love.

Watch this adorable video of his airport curbside reunion. It’s super PRECIOUS!!!


In this video, Jack (in his excitement) lets a little curse word slip. But otherwise, he’s too stinkin’ cute and I was so happy to see Betty show up as well! WHEW! May God bless this old friendship for years to come.

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Featured Image Credit: Youtube