Baby Bulldog Smells A Treat And Quickly Wakes Up

bulldog wakes up

When this adorable bulldog wakes up at the smell of treats, you’ll be laughing out loud at this funny scene!

It's obvious that when God placed animals on this Earth, He truly knew what he was doing. From the birds in the sky to the majestic creatures in the jungle, each one was created for a very specific purpose. And that is especially true for those special animals that become our pets.

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These furry family members hold a place in our hearts. And dogs, in particular, are well known for their companionship and love. These incredible friends are more than just animals, they truly become a part of our lives and families.

They can also provide us with some hilarious entertainment. And that's exactly what little Ollie is doing today. Ollie is a bulldog puppy.

Cute Bulldog Puppy Wakes Up For Treat

As a puppy, he spends a lot of his time snoozing around the house. But there's one thing in particular that can wake Ollie up from even the deepest sleeps. Just watch as Ollie takes a leisurely nap on the bed.

You can see his owner come into the room with a treat in her hand. Ollie is fast asleep but as soon as the treat gets close to him, he wakes up with a jolt. He immediately lunges for the treat and jumps down to go about his day.

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That sure must have been some kind of good treat for this sleepy puppy to wake up so quickly. And Ollie's humans are getting a kick out of the moment too because you can hear them all laughing in the background.

Have you ever seen a puppy do anything like this?

WATCH: Bulldog Puppy Instantly Wakes Up At The Smell Of Treats

h/t: Godtube