God Leads A Furry Angel To A Bundle Of Blankets In A Park And Then Owner Hears A Baby’s Cry

baby found in park by husky

A newborn baby found in a park after his mother abandoned him is safe thanks to a Husky sent from Heaven.

Terry Walsh was walking his Husky, Hel, one evening through the Kings Norton park in the U.K. when something caught the dog’s attention. The pup began sniffing and gently nudging a bundle of blankets stashed under a bush.

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And that’s when the unthinkable happened!

“Suddenly I heard this baby cry,” 64-year-old Terry recalled. “I think it was Hel’s gentle nudging and the heat from my husky’s body that woke the baby up.”

Authorities later gave the baby found in the park the name George, since the husky discovered him the day before St. George's Day. And the rescue was a miracle, for sure!

Dog Finds Abandoned Baby In The Park

The heroic Husky alerted Terry to her shocking discovery. Terry took a closer look and saw baby George wrapped in a blanket. Security footage from the park’s cameras revealed the child’s mother left him there only hours after his birth.

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It’s terrifying to think what could have become of baby George had the Husky not found him so soon at the park. And we’re inclined to agree with Hel’s owner, who says it was the Lord who led them to the abandoned child.

“I thank the Lord that the baby was alive, that could’ve been a lot worse,” Terry Walsh said. “The baby could’ve been dead. I said to my neighbors, heaven sent Hel to rescue [a] newborn baby boy!”

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Authorities rushed the newborn to the hospital, where medical staff took over. And they happily reported that the abandoned baby found in the park is happy and healthy, praise the Lord!

It’s hard to imagine why a mother would dump her child in this manner. But authorities are stopping at nothing to try and find her. And the compassion they are showing in the search is truly inspiring.

“I am reaching out to George's mother. You are my primary concern right now, and we really need to make sure you're okay. I don't know the circumstances around George's birth but, as a parent myself, I know exactly how overwhelming becoming a parent can be,” said Detective Inspector Neil Hunt. “We're ready to offer you any help and support you may need. George is safe and well, and your health and wellbeing is our priority – please be assured that you are not in any trouble.”

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Kudos to Terry Walsh and his heroic Husky for the part they played in this rescue. We have no doubt God will do big things in this little baby’s life!

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