Adorable Baby Talks With Dad About TV Finale & His Frenzied Babble Went Viral

baby talks with dad Shanieke Pryor

An adorable baby talks with his dad, DJ Pryor, in a popular video on social media. And watching the tiny boy’s animated babble and expressive gestures, it’s no wonder the funny video went viral!

Tiny Kingston Jierre may not be old enough to fully articulate it yet, but he has plenty of thoughts and opinions.

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So when Mom Shanieke Pryor noticed her baby boy sharing those thoughts with his Daddy, DJ, she wisely started filming!

Tiny Boy’s Hilarious Conversation With Dad, Comedian DJ Pryor

DJ sits next to Kingston on the couch with the TV on. As mom’s camera rolls, the Kingston seemingly has a full-blown discussion with his Daddy about the show, just as two friends might do.

The only difference is, no one can understand a word this tiny tot says! But he doesn’t let that stop him from having a full-fledged conversation with Dad.

As the baby talks, Dad asks questions about the TV finale they are watching. And seeing how little Kingston reacts is just too precious!

WATCH: Baby Talks With Dad In Adorable Gibberish

Kingston is quick to answer Daddy’s questions with a baby’s version of “yes” and “no.” But then, the baby boy starts asking questions of his own. He babbles away with gibberish, wearing a serious face and energetically gesturing with his hands.

Dad wears a huge smile and does his best not to laugh. He continues to engage his son in a lively discussion about the show’s future.

The baby talks and gestures at the TV, just like he knows all about it. And even though Daddy can’t really understand what his son is saying, he plays along.

The expressions and passionate babble from Kingston are impossible to watch without smiling. Which explains why the video has been shared over a million times!

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It’s so beautiful to see the way this dad is nurturing his son’s expressive nature. It makes for a cute video, but by encouraging his baby to talk, DJ is playing a crucial part in his son’s language development, too.

Children truly are a blessing from above!

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h/t & Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Shanieke Pryor