The ‘Happiest Baby In The World’ Finally Goes Home After Nearly 2 Years In The Hospital

baby with heart condition Valentina Garnetti

A baby with heart condition has finally gone home after 694 days in the hospital. And through it all, her family says she’s remained the happiest baby in the world!

We don't choose the families we are born into. Nor do we choose whether we are born with or without any health conditions.

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Valentina Garnetti was born into the world with a congenital heart condition. Because of her condition, she had to remain at University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital for far longer than any parent would ever imagine–nearly 700 days!

Baby With Heart Condition Can’t Leave Hospital

694 days is about 40 days shy of two years. For two years, this baby with a heart condition has only known home to mean the hospital.

She was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. This means that the left side of her heart is underdeveloped causing less than normal blood flow through the rest of the body. Other symptoms include but are not limited to difficulty breathing and having a weak pulse.

This led to the young child undergoing extensive procedures at the hospital during her stay. Within six operations there were four open-heart surgeries.

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With all that has been going on in Valentina's life, her mother Francesca Garnetti started a GoFundMe page. The family has almost reached $7000 of their $10k goal.

In the donation post she says, "On top of her major surgeries, she had complication after complication including strokes, seizures, anaphylactic reactions, and being transferred to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for 9 days to have a life-saving procedure done before being flown back to Michigan."

"In addition to starting this for the medical supplies. I'd like to give my girls a sense of normalcy that they haven't had in 2 years."

Home At Last

The baby with a heart condition is finally at home with her two siblings, 5-year-old Gianna, and 1-year old Adriana. And now, the family can attempt to find some normalcy amidst the health struggles. Francesca knows more medical procedures are in their future, but at least for now, they can enjoy life even if just for the moment.

“She’s the happiest baby in the whole entire world, despite everything’s she’s been through. She’s the greatest joy. She loves everyone … she just loves her life, genuinely."

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After everything she’s been through, this sweet child chooses joy. What an inspiration for us all!

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