Baby’s Heart Stopped For 40 Minutes, And Then He Got A Miracle

The doctors had given up. His last rites were read. By all accounts, it looked like it was too late for little Buddy Thompson of Liverpool. It had been 40 minutes since the baby’s heart stopped beating. And that’s when God sent a miracle!

A Baby’s Heart Stopped Beating, But God Was Not Done

Buddy was only 6 months old when God brought him back to life. His first heart attack happened while his dad, Ged Thompson, was out of town. Ged got a call from his sister that his son was dying and he flew right home.

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Buddy recovered, but just a few months later, another major heart attack hit.

"The second time he also suffered a stroke. He lost movement down the left side of his body and the ability to swallow," his dad recalled.

Doctors did all they could to save Buddy. But it didn’t seem to be working.

“He had received his last rites. There had been no pulse for around 40 minutes, and the doctors had decided to stop trying to resuscitate him. They feared massive brain damage,” Ged said.

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But God wasn’t done with this little angel. Just seconds away from pronouncing Buddy dead, a nurse decided to try one more time for a pulse. And even though the baby’s heart stopped for 40 minutes, this time she found one!

Continued Healing

Doctors sent Buddy home, preparing his parents for the worst.

"They said he could go at any time. I began to suffer from stress and then depression,” Ged recalls.

While in the hospital with Buddy, Ged had started writing little poems, which he pinned up on his son’s bed in the ICU.

Now that they were home, Ged decided to continue writing. Even though doctors had little hope for Buddy, the baby boy seemed just fine. In fact, he seemed happy.

“I remember I started to wonder why Buddy seemed so much happier than me. I then started to try and look at the world the way a child does, and that led to fairy tales," Ged said.

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Each time Ged had to leave town for work, Buddy’s health got worse.

"I think it was his way of telling me stay at home with him," Ged said.

But as time went by, Buddy got stronger. And Ged learned the power of dreams and angels.

"My older son came to me in a dream,” Ged recalls. “He was telling me off, saying I should go and look after my kids. He walked out of the room and slammed the door behind him, which woke me up. I then got up and went in to Buddy's room, and he was having a seizure."

Now at 6 years old, Buddy’s heart condition has been stabilized. And Ged turned his collection of poetry and short stories into a book called Middle Earth Magic.

WATCH: Ged and Buddy read from Middle Earth Magic together

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Clearly God had a special plan for this little boy and his Daddy. Not only did He bring this father and son closer, He showed how His plan is always greater than our own!

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