‘Hey Mama’ – The Ball Brothers Sing Tribute To Mothers

'Hey Mama' - The Ball Brothers Sing Tribute To Mothers

As Mother’s Day approached, these talented musicians knew they wanted to do something special to honor all of the amazing moms in the world. The Ball Brothers Hey Mama is a beautiful tribute you won’t want to miss.

Their cover of the song from Hollyn titled ‘Hey Mama’ is truly beautiful. As the video begins, a group of children describes their mothers in a single word. When you hear people give the most beautiful descriptions of their moms, you’ll be deeply moved. Then the music starts to really kick in, and The Ball Brothers really bring all the feels.

What a perfect reminder that even if we are far apart, our mothers are always there for us. Mothers are the shoulder that we can cry on and the support that we can always rely on. Our moms have done so much for each and every one of us, and this song is the perfect way to honor them this Mother’s Day.

WATCH: The Ball Brothers Hey Mama Tribute for Mother’s Day

Credit: TheBallBrothers

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