Tiny Dancer Plants A Big One On Her Favorite Police Officer

You have to be pretty tough to be a policeman. But even tough guys have a softer side. And a precious photo that's taking the Internet by storm is proving just that!

Love this! Here is an evening shift Sergeant and his daughter one night after her dance class. She wanted a special…

Posted by Arlington Police Department on Monday, October 19, 2015

In this sweet picture, a Sergeant is giving his baby girl a kiss before heading off to work. His darling daughter's dance class had just wrapped up, and the adorable girl wanted to make sure a special picture was taken of the two of them together in their "uniforms" — dad wearing his police uniform and his sweet girl donning her leotard and tutu.

What a great reminder to see people for who they truly are, and not just the "role they play." Sometimes we forget that the person handing us our coffee, or the officer directing traffic, the cashier checking us out at the store and the many other people we encounter throughout the day are so much more than what we see. To someone, they are a parent, a sibling, a spouse…they are someone special.


To God, we are all special. Loving like Jesus means seeing people as He does. There is a reason we encounter each person we do — a smile or kind word is often all it takes to show the love of Jesus!

Here’s another police officer who’s sure to melt your heart!



h/t: Fox News

This act of kindness went viral and had everyone wiping away tears!