Bystanders Scream Warnings As Bear Chases Skier Down Mountain And Cameras Caught It All

bear chases skier

A bear chases a skier down a mountain slope in an alarming incident on the slopes. How terrifying, for the man fleeing for his life, and the powerless onlookers rooting for the guy to escape.

A number of people in the chairlifts at the ski resort captured the stunning incident on camera, each from different angles. They were witnessing the scary event happen from a safe distance, completely unable to assist the poor skier.

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Some watched in silence, while others yelled.

Someone shouted, “Faster, faster! Come on, the bear is chasing you! Faster! God forbid, don’t look back!”

At certain points in the video, the bear appears to be gaining on the man, especially as the land begins to level. Unlike the man, the bear was not relying on the mountain for momentum. The man did have the benefit of speed and gravity as he sped down the mountain.

Once his skiing momentum is gone, he throws off his backpack in an attempt to escape. His last-ditch effort paid off and he got away unscathed.

Still, he definitely had a close call.

Bear Chases Skier Down Mountain As Bystanders Scream

The skier was initially unaware of what was happening as he moved down the mountain slope. Somehow he ended up spotting the bear and heard the excited warnings from bystanders.

Trained officers arrived to confront the bear, but the animal had already made his hasty departure. That day, a few calls were made about bears being in the area, including the ski resort where the man was chased.

Bears are no strangers to the area, and the officials were planning on trying to relocate the animal. Though the bear ran off, no one was injured and the man lives on to tell others about his terrifying encounter.

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God forbid, this ever happens to the man again, but bear attacks do occur from time to time. Being aware of how to respond with different types of bears can definitely save a life.

Watch: Bystanders Scream Warnings As Bear Chases Skier Down Mountain And Cameras Caught It All

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