In One of the Best Animal Photobomb Photos, Baby and Stingray Are Making the Same Face

best animal photobomb stingray and baby

Look at what might just be one of the best animal photobomb pictures on the internet! This baby has the goofiest little frown, and if you look closely, you may notice some similarities between her and the stingray. You always have to be ready to snap a photo in case something as cute as this happens!

Wendy Armstrong visited the local aquarium in the UK with her then-6-month-old baby girl, Daisy, and her other daughter, Aurora. One little critter couldn't get enough of Daisy's adorable face and interesting stroller.

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Next thing Wendy knows, there's that same goofy frown right behind Daisy's stroller, but he was on the other side of the glass. This may just be the best animal photobomb ever!

Stingray Gets In On The Fun

A little stingray decided to swim up to the glass right near baby Daisy! His odd mouth on the bottom of his body looked exactly like Daisy's pouty mouth. Wendy said she laughed out loud once she realized the similarities.

Just like any other mom obsessed with her baby, Wendy immediately whipped out her phone to take a picture of the absolutely adorable encounter. Lucky for us — we get to see the best animal photobomb!

Wendy said, "I had my phone out, and when I saw they were both pulling the same miserable facial expression I burst out laughing and took a photo." She also decided to share the photo with the internet a little later because it's one of her and her husband's favorite pictures of their baby girl.

Are all stingrays obsessed with babies like this? We have no idea, but boy, are we glad this pair was caught on camera!

When the image went viral, Wendy shared, "When she was that age Daisy never used to smile that much which did slightly concern us, but thankfully she is much happier now!"

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WATCH: Stingray Copies Baby In Best Animal Photobomb

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