Big Brother Meets His Newborn Baby Brother First The First Time

godupdates big brother's first time meeting mommy's newborn baby

It was this big brother’s first time meeting mommy’s newborn baby. His reaction was the sweetest thing.

When a mommy finds out she is pregnant with her second child, so many thoughts go through her mind. One of them includes how will they introduce the new baby to the oldest child. Most of the time they are so anxious about introducing the baby to their big brother or sister.

They are nervous about the way he or she would react and if they would even understand what is going on. But to this family's pleasant surprise, their moment went better than what they could ever expect.

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And when this big brother met his little brother for the first time, his reaction melted everyone's heart! His mom was sitting on the edge of the bed in the hospital, holding the precious newborn baby.

"Who is it", she asked the new big brother. He smiled and said, "It's a baby". And then he says, "I love him". His mom was so taken back by what he said that she asked through tears of joy, "You love him?". He bounced and answered, "Yes!".

She let him know that it was ok for him to give the baby a hug and, so he did! He was so tickled about having a new baby. He asked can he hold the baby and even gave him a gentle kiss. It was so precious. Little does he know, he has a new best friend for life.

WATCH: Big Brother’s First Time Meeting Mommy’s Newborn Baby

Credit: Youtube/RM Videos

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