Big Sister Cries From Happiness After Meeting Her New Sibling In The Hospital

big sister cries

A tender moment is captured on camera when a big sister cries tears of joy after meeting the newest addition to her family.

If you grew up with siblings, you know there is nothing sweeter than that special relationship you create. It is a bond that is different than anything else in this world. And the older we get, the more we realize that God places these people in our lives for a specific reason.

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For parents, one moment that they always look forward to is when a big brother or sister gets to meet their new baby sibling. This first meeting can be met with laughter, tears, delight or fear but it’s almost always a memorable experience. And this little girl's reaction to having a baby sister is one that you don't want to miss.

Big Sister Cries Happy Tears After Meeting Baby Sister

Just watch as the 6-year-old enters the hospital room after her mother has just given birth. As soon as she spots the baby in Mom's arms, the girl immediately bursts into tears.

Overcome with emotion, she approaches her new baby sister for their first meeting. It's obvious that this big sis is so excited to add a sibling to family and she's going to be such a caring sister.

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There is already so much love after just a few seconds. I hope they are able to cherish each other as they grow up and look back on this sweet moment with smiles and love.

Who else has a big grin on their face right now?

WATCH: Big Sister Cries Tears Of Joy When Meeting Her New Sibling

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