Husband Is Giving Wife CPR Just Days After Birth of Twins And Credits Prayer for Saving Her Life

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After a mom from Ohio gave birth to twins, she suffered a rare heart attack that almost took her life. Thankfully, by the grace of God, she survived and is so grateful to still be here with her family.

Jen Petraitis recently gave birth to her twins, Jack and Ella. She was healthy and happy with her newborn babies, but then, just four days after the birth, Jen was undergoing emergency triple bypass open heart surgery after a heart attack.

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The heart attack was caused by Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD). According to the American Heart Association, SCAD happens when there is a sudden tearing in the coronary artery wall. The tear causes a narrowing or blockage of the artery and prevents blood flow from reaching the heart.

“It feels very surreal,” Jen shared after her medical emergency. “It feels like they’re telling me a story about somebody else.”

Her husband, Ryan Petraitis, recounts the scary incident, since Jen has no memory of it.

“Everything was great in the hospital and the transition home. Everything went well,” Ryan shared. The parents loved being back home and introducing the twins to their older brothers, Evan, 7, and Garrett, 3.

Days After Birth Of Twins, Mom Has Heart Attack

A few days later, Ryan found Jen on their bedroom floor not breathing. "At that point, I started CPR, chest compressions and called 911,” Ryan explained. The paramedics then arrived and rushed Jen to the hospital.

“The ambulance driver told me that he was praying for us and said it was very serious,” Ryan said.

Thankfully, Jen's open-heart surgery was successful, and she has been slowly recovering from it.

“There were a lot of prayer chains going on, a lot of texts and messages and that’s why I’m here,” Jen said. “It’s overwhelming. That’s why she’s here. I know it,” said Ryan.

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Thank the Lord that Jen is recovering at home now with her babies and focusing on her heath and family!

SCAD IN THE NEWS Jen Petraitis tells her harrowing experience of SCAD after giving birth to twins (link below)….

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