Birthday Party at a Park for Son Has Mom Heartbroken When Nobody Shows

birthday party at a park

After throwing a birthday party at a park for her son that nobody went to, this mom shared her heartbreak on TikTok. All parents just want happiness for their kids. Imagine watching your young kid's excitement turn to sadness when none of his friends go to his party.

Not expecting anything to come out of it, Dawn shared her devastation in a video on TikTok. Out of 22 invites, not one friend showed up to celebrate JJ's birthday party at the park. In the clip, Dawn explained, "I know it's a pandemic, but it's a park. And we've reopened in my province."

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The COVID-19 pandemic put a lot of celebrations on hold. During what initially seemed like an end to the pandemic, Dawn planned a COVID-conscious birthday party outdoors at a park with plenty of space to social distance. For one reason or another, kids and their parents chose to stay home.

Dawn's video quickly gained hundreds of thousands of views. Other mom's related to her frustration and a bunch of commenters wished JJ a happy birthday. Eventually, people offered to send gifts to the birthday boy to make his special day a little bit better.

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JJ's mom posted a follow-up video saying that both she and her son were incredibly thankful for those wishing him a happy birthday and wanting to send toys. She said that JJ didn't want or need toys, but he just wanted to have fun with his friends. JJ even suggested that people send toys to their closest Children's Hospital instead of to him.

WATCH: No One Shows For Boy’s Birthday Party At A Park


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Dawn even took it one step further for her boy. She hosted a virtual birthday party for JJ by going live on TikTok, and almost 30,000 viewers joined. Thousands of strangers joining together just to make a kid feel special on his birthday - we love to see this kind of selfless kindness!

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The original video now has over 800,000 likes and almost 5 million views! And over 28,000 people commented to share kind words with the birthday boy and his mom. God bless everyone that reached out to JJ to spread His love.

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Happy Birthday, JJ! We hope you felt the kindness and love from your virtual party!

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