Inspiring ‘Climb Every Mountain’ Audition By Blind Singer Brings On The Tears

blind singer Victoria Oruwari inspiring music performance

Blind singer Victoria Oruwari gave a truly inspiring music performance on the BBC show, All Together Now. In fact, her ‘Climb Every Mountain’ audition was so powerful, it had just about everyone in tears!

The BBC show All Together Now features a panel of 100 judges from the United Kingdom. When a singer performs, any member of the panel can “vote” for the artist by turning on their light. The contestant with the highest number of lights from that round moves on in the competition.

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Each judge on the panel has some kind of musical background, from performers and producers to other experts in the industry. So, it takes a lot to leave your mark on these music veterans.

Well, blind singer Victoria Oruwari did just that!

Inspiring ‘Climb Every Mountain’ Audition Wows

Victoria is a music teacher from London. She lost her sight at an early age. But Victoria hasn’t let that stop her from pursuing her dreams in music. In fact, if anything, her disability only makes her appreciate the gift that much more!

"I feel like losing my sight made me more aware of the beauty in music," she said.

Coming out with her bubbly personality and gorgeous ballgown, Victoria set the stage for something special. And as she belted out the lyrics of ‘Climb Every Mountain’ from The Sound Of Music, her talent moved just about every person there!

"Climb ev’ry mountain

Ford ev’ry stream

Follow ev’ry rainbow

‘Till you find your dream"

Lights from all over the panel lit up for Victoria. And by the time she was done with her powerful rendition, she’d earned a nearly perfect score of 95.

Judge Geri Horner wiped away tears after saying, “Victoria, you just touched our hearts. And then I'm looking at you like a goddess, like an angel in here singing from your heart. It was so inspirational."

Even the show’s host couldn’t help but remark, “Wow! Everyone’s crying.”

As you might expect, Victoria’s incredible performance earned her a top spot, moving her into the next phase of the competition. And we can’t wait to hear more from this inspiring woman!

WATCH: Blind Singer’s Inspiring Audition — ‘Climb Every Mountain’


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