Cameras Rolled As Police Worked To Free Bobcat Stuck In Car Grill: ‘This Is A First’

bobcat removed from car grill

Authorities in Wisconsin responded to a scene for a report of a bobcat stuck in a car’s grill.

Car trouble, as aggravating and irritating as it is, is, unfortunately, an everyday occurrence. Flat tires, broken headlights and cracked windshields happen and are simply part of owning and driving a vehicle.

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However, one person got a massive surprise when they realized an animal was stuck in their car. However, it wasn't just any animal. It was a bobcat. The large cat had somehow managed to get itself lodged and stuck in the vehicle's grill, according to WCCO.

The incident took place in late April in Portage County, Wisconsin. In a post on social media, the Portage County Sheriff, Mike Lukas, admitted that "numerous deputies were curious" about the call of a bobcat being in someone's car.

Mike also added that "this is a first" for me.

Two deputies did respond to the call and when they arrived at the scene, they did, in fact, discover a bobcat in the vehicle. The cat was stuck in the grill.

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However, this kind of situation required additional help.

"My deputies are really good at solving problems but this one baffled them so we called in reinforcements," Mike wrote on Facebook.

A conservation warden also responded to the scene with the bobcat. Luckily, a body camera on one of the officers captured the entire situation, including the eventual removal of the animal from the vehicle.

Authorities Were Able to Remove The Large Cat From The Vehicle

The video shows the man with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources using a device to reach into the grill and grab ahold of the animal.

Once the animal is pulled out of the vehicle, viewers get a look at the massive cat. The animal then proceeds to jump several feet into the air and right into the bed of a truck.

The footage is crazy!

Mike also added that the big cat, after it was removed from the car, was taken back into the wild.

However, Mike didn't seem to be phased by the unusual situation. Instead, he took it all in stride.

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"All in a day's work at the Portage County Sheriff's Office and the Wisconsin DNR," he wrote.

"Behold the birds of the heaven, that they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; and your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are not ye of much more value than they?"Matthew 6:26

WATCH: Bobcat Stuck In Vehicle’s Grill Removed By Authorities

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h/t: WCCO, Mike Lucas & Journal Sentinel

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