Bode Miller And Wife Warn Others As Their 3 Kids Are Recovering from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning

After their 3 young kids landed in the hospital recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning, Bode Miller and his wife sent out an urgent warning to other parents.

Daily life is full of potentially dangerous and even deadly situations. A lot of times, those circumstances can be avoided by exercising caution and common sense.

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However, unfortunately, there are others when treacherous and life-threatening events are nearly impossible to circumvent.

Recovering From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A clip posted on YouTube details one of these unforeseen, but possibly devastating occurrences. This specific situation involved former Olympian Bode Miller, his wife, Morgan, and their three children. The children had ingested carbon monoxide.

The video points out that the children – Asher, Aksel and Scarlet – consumed the dangerous gas while standing outside their California home. Their mother, in a video's caption on Instagram, explained what happened.

"Two weeks ago, we had a crane at our house to remove our broken hot tub," Morgan wrote. "Ashe, Aksel and Scarlet innocently stood on the front step of our house to watch the action which resulted in them getting carbon monoxide poisoning due to the lack of airflow in our driveway landing them in the ER."

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Morgan also mentioned the treatment her children received while in the hospital.

"They were on high flow oxygen for over four hours," she wrote.

Morgan ends her social media post by saying that her children are OK. For that, she is thanking her "lucky stars."

A Warning For Others

The clip states that, following this frightening incident, Morgan mentioned how important it is to have a carbon monoxide detector.

This scary situation with those three children displays, once again, the fragility and preciousness of all life. A loved one could be here one minute and gone the next, without even a moment's notice.

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