Elderly Woman Burned Furniture for Heat Until Officers Showed Up at Her Door

burned furniture for heat

As the cliche goes, desperate times call for desperate measures, and one elderly woman knew that all too well as she burned furniture for heat.

The woman lives in British Columbia, Canada, in the village of Midway. Her husband had just been hospitalized when she was found putting pieces of furniture in her wood stove.

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While she may have wanted to keep the house warm, her actions showed just how desperate her financial condition had become. Thankfully, by chance, an officer was performing a routine check-in on the elderly woman. With her husband still in the hospital, the officer figured checking on her would be a good gesture.

Cpl. Jesse O'Donaghey commented on the incident, "The officer interrupted the elderly woman as she was in the process of breaking up household furniture to burn, in the home's wood stove, for heat."

Jesse served as the spokesperson for British Columbia's Royal Canadian Mounted Police (B.C. RCMP).

Struck by seeing the woman literally burning her furniture to stay warm, this officer decided to do more to help the unfortunate lady. And the act of kindness was truly noteworthy.

"The officer immediately rounded up the troops, who traveled into the backcountry to chop wood, which they sorted, split, delivered, and stacked for the local elder."

Elderly Woman Burned Furniture For Heat Until Mounties Showed Up

Cpl. O'Donaghey added, "It can be easy in these new COVID-19 times to become isolated, and unaware of the challenges our neighbors, friends, and even extended family may be facing in private."

"We hope this small act of kindness encourages other British Columbians to step up, reach out to those around them and help out where they can," Cpl. O'Donaghey added. "This has highlighted the importance of working together and looking out for one another during these unprecedented times."

However, that act of support is definitely not a small gesture. Telling someone to do right is one thing, but to help them do right is another. The officer clearly saw someone in need and decided to help.

May this encourage us to keep an eye out for people in our own lives who may need help, but choose not to ask or do not know how. At one time or another, we will all need a helping hand.

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Posted by BC RCMP on Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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