Canada’s Oldest Man Finally Has A Baby Named After Him

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It is such an honor to have someone named after you. And after waiting for so many years, this great-great-grandfather finally has a baby named after him.

Canada's oldest man, Esmond Allcock, never had a family member named after him. He is 108 years old and he and his late wife of 72-years had a very large family. The two of them have 6 children who blessed them with so many great and great-great-grandchidlren. The family is made up of 17 grandkids, 36 great-grandkids, and 12 great-great-grandkids. My, that is a very large family.

But none of the family members were named after Esmond. Not until this little guy was born. One of Esmond's great-grandchildren had her second baby and knew just what to name him. The sweet baby's name is Esmond, just like his great-great-grandfather.

It meant so much to Esmond that his great-granddaughter gave her son his name. And it was such a sweet moment when he got to meet the precious baby for the first time. His great-granddaughter captured the moment on video.

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Esmond did not know that he great-granddaughter was visiting, so it was the most pleasant surprise for them to visit. It is such a treasure for him to meet his namesake who is born over 100 years after him!

WATCH: Baby Named After His Grea-Great-Grandfather

Credit: Youtube/Inside Edition

Credit: JennaLehne

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