For Candace Cameron Bure, Faith Is How She Stays Strong During The Pandemic

Candace Cameron Bure faith during pandemic

During all the craziness of the coronavirus pandemic, Christian celebrity Candace Cameron Bure has faith to keep her strong. And her words are an inspiration for us all!

Anytime our comfort is challenged can sometimes test our faith. The pandemic has impacted everyone's life in some way. However, suffering can be an opportunity to grow our faith as we depend more on God. Christian actress, producer, and author, Candace Cameron Bure, shared her thoughts on faith during the pandemic.

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She spoke openly about her faith with the viewers of ABC News watching from their homes.

"During the pandemic, I cannot imagine not having faith. The Bible is the source of truth I go to especially when I'm anxious and when I'm worrying."

Like all believers, Candace has her internal struggles with worrying and thinking too much on what she cannot control in life. When the thoughts overwhelm her she knows just where to go for insight.

Candace cited Matthew 6:26-27 as one of her go-to scriptures during these difficult times.

"Consider the birds of the sky: They don't sow or reap or gather into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Aren't you worth more than they? Can any of you add one moment to his life span by worrying?" –Matthew 6:26-27

She says that she can rest assured that the "Creator of the Universe" is looking out for her. Because of her faith, Candace Cameron Bure allows scripture to ease her own worrisome thoughts, and likewise, uses her same revelations to encourage other people in her life.

Living With Faith

Candace has used her religion for direction in her work within Hollywood, sticking with entertainment that is strictly family-friendly.

"I think my faith is a big reason why I co-hosted The View for two years as well," she added.

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She has been successful at standing by her Christian values starting with Full House back in her childhood years through projects she is involved in today.

"My faith is not something that stays at home when I go out for work. It follows me everywhere I go," Candace said with a confident smile.

She went on to mention that she has not had her faith shaken, but has questioned God. In various times of her life she has asked, "Why?" And so have many Christians, as we all have attempted to understand the mysteriousness of God.

Even without answers to some of her questions, she has maintained her faith throughout life, growing her belief with time.

Candace Cameron Bure Faith Inspires Others

Candace recently became Chief Spiritual Officer for Woman's Day Magazine, directly combining her faith and work.

One of the biggest takeaways from the interview was how Candace talked about putting on love in the morning, referencing Colossians 3. She thinks of putting on love much like she does her clothes or make-up, knowing that will affect how she "communicates with everyone [she] interacts with."

Her faithful example is very inspirational during these difficult times. She is a reminder that though we are very much not in control, God is. Though we may have anxieties, God can take each and every one of those worries away.

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If we can be like Candace, acknowledging God for who He is, reading His word, praying, keeping the faith, we can allow Him to work in our lives. There is no reason to despair, and plenty of reason to hope.

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