Car Crashed Into A House Full Of Kids And Good Samaritan Came Racing As He Hears Screaming

car crashed into a house

After a car crashed into a house and injured a little girl, one Good Samaritan's quick thinking saved her life.

On a recent afternoon in Salem, New Hampshire, a scary incident happened. A car came barreling through a home with children inside. The driver of the vehicle became trapped in his car, and a little girl inside the house was seriously injured.

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“It was like a war zone,” said Scott Demers, who witnessed the crash firsthand. “It was chaos, everywhere.”

Scott was fixing sprinklers a few doors down when the car crash happened. He ended up rushing to the scene and jumped in to help as soon as he saw that Giuliana, the little five-year-old girl who lived there, was severely injured.

“The father came out of the house screaming that he just killed my little girl,” said Scott. “I saw the blood squirting out of her neck, so I knew she was still with us.”

Car Crashed Into A House And Good Samaritan Helps Save 5-Year-Old

The car that crashed into the house took out a neighbor's mailbox post, which is what ended up striking Giuliana. Scott quickly took off his shirt and applied pressure to the little girl's neck.

“When the doctor came over, he asked me, ‘Let me see the neck,'” Scott explained. “I said, ‘No way. It’s squirting.’ He said, ‘Don’t move your hand at all.'”

Giuliana was then airlifted to a hospital in Boston where she underwent emergency surgery. The five-year-old has a broken jaw and several facial cuts, but she is expected to make a full recovery thanks to Scott's actions.

Joseph Tutrone, Giuliana's father, is extremely thankful to Scott and everyone else that helped his daughter during the crisis. “Really, they were the ones that saved her life, because I was in a complete panic,” he explained. “I didn’t know what to do.”

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The man who crashed into the house has now been arrested and charged with first-degree assault, aggravated driving while intoxicated, and reckless conduct with a deadly weapon.

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