5 Pictures That’ll Give You A Whole New Look At ‘Back To School’ – LOL

While some students may be nervous about starting a new school year, this little guy is definitely not. Bubba is a very eager ‘student’ who daily attends Leland High School in San Jose, California.

Bubba is not a stray cat, but a close neighbor. The Marienthal family’s yard backs up to the school grounds.

Bubba is so popular he was issued his own “student” ID card. (I wonder if he gets a report card, too!) 😉


“We tried to keep him as an indoor cat but he refused to stay in,” Amber Marienthal told Good Morning America.

Everyone at the school has allowed the sweet cat to roam freely in and out of classrooms.

“We have never gotten a complaint,” Marienthal added.

“He sat on my lap and took a nap while I was taking my Spanish final,” a student shared.


Bubba is quite the celebrity! He has been featured in the school’s yearbook and newspaper, even gracing the cover of last year’s senior magazine!


Bubba is a very prompt little kitty and is always the first one to arrive every morning. He sits at the school’s door each day waiting for teachers and students to arrive. What a happy way for students to start each day–greeted by one of God’s friendly little creatures!godupdates-cat-student-5

He is also the subject of his own Facebook page, which has more than 5,000 fans. We think all of God’s creatures are special, and Bubba has definitely made his mark on the hearts of these students! How wonderful that the administration has welcomed this little furry angel so that he can bring joy to counter the stress that can sometimes come as we go through our day.

Thinking of Bubba sitting at his desk in the classroom made me smile and take a moment to pray for all the kids (and kittens) going back to school this fall. May God watch over our children and keep them save this school year!
credit: sunnyskyz